Margo's Lullaby

A small town is torn apart by tragedy. Two people shattered by a horrific past. What drove Margo to kill?

Female mass shooters are very rare. In fact, they are so rare no significant studies have ever explored a female mass shooter. On March 20, 2005, Margaret Elise Ryan went on a rampage in her school, killing 5 students, and injuring 10 others. Why? There are never easy answers. Her sister, Gabrielle Ryan, witnessed not only her sister's killing spree but ultimate suicide. 10 years later Gabrielle returns to the fictional town of Seven Hills, New Jersey, not only to put Margo to rest but to find the answers after reading Margo's diary.

Dean Walker was one of Margo's victims. His best friend—dead—by her hands. He has held resentment and anger towards the Ryan family ever since that day. Not only that, he was about to speak to the girl of his dreams when the shooting happened. The girl of his dreams was none other than Gabrielle Ryan.

Can Dean find it in his heart to forgive Gabby and her family for what Margo did to him?

Impossible, you say? Nothing is ever impossible.

Gabrielle came home on a mission. There is no excuse for the atrocity her sister committed, but she’s determined to find the person or persons responsible for making her sister snap.

Gabby needs answers. She needs to put Margo's spirit to rest. Not only for herself, but her family, and she dedicated her life to solving the writing within Margo’s diary.

This book is not your standard thriller. It explores one woman's path from a carefree teenage girl to a woman haunted by her sister's crimes. It's a story of how two people can stand up against the odds to find love and forgiveness within their shattered souls.

Warning: This novel contains graphic violence and sexual situations that may not be suitable for some readers.

Carlton House

A spooky twist on Jane Eyre- Valerie Simmons, editor.


Every family holds a secret. In this house, that secret could kill you. 


Lily Evans lives in poverty with a roommate she despises and no hope for the future until a letter arrives in the mail that could change her life.

A man named Michael Carlton has offered Lily the position of housekeeper inside his mansion situated at the outer edge of the famous Pinelands in New Jersey.

After the interview, Lily’s instincts sound the alarm bells about the strange house and its owner. She doesn’t listen to her gut and promptly moves into the gardener’s cottage behind the mansion desperate for a new lease on life.

When Lily spots movement inside the second-floor window of the mansion, she quickly discovers the reclusive owner is hiding a horrifying secret and if Lily isn’t careful, she might become another victim of Carlton House.

Short Stories


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No Vacancy