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House of Restless Souls Anthology

There is a town nestled in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Lingate is a mixture of rich southern history and modern sensibilities. Old Victorian homes dot certain areas of the town while modern structures make up the skyline. There are amenities for everyone from family fun to eclectic nightlife for nearby college kids. There was something to do for everyone young and old. 

Lingate is a growing town. Retirees are attracted to the beautiful weather. Never too cool and never too hot. Young people migrated there because they had the opportunity for any kind of career or to start their own business. Lingate was the place to be. Named one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, there was neverending hope and opportunity for a good life in the town. 

However, like with most towns, Lingate has many secrets. Deep and dark secrets. 

In this series, you'll find out those secrets through the eyes of three women and the men they team up with to expose those secrets. 

Each book can be read on its own and out of order. 

Are you brave enough to travel to Lingate?