Welcome to the new B. Groves website!

Back in 2018, I thought going back to Wordpress and transferring out of Wix would be better for me.

That turned out not to be true. Wordpress is a great host. However, it needs a lot of work. The constant updates and the downtime were too much. I am also running a book cover business and the updates were hindering my sales. I've sold 10 covers since rejoining Wix and no issues at all.

I never had that issue with Wix. So, with much thought, I am back and I couldn't be happier.

Wix is not cheap but the customer service and the sites are top notch. Buying my books and my book covers on www.brokencandlebookdesigns.com has never been easier. Uploading new covers is so much better. It was not a tough decision.

I hope you enjoy both sites and welcome to the new B. Groves author! I hope you stay and find something fun to read.


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