The Alison Stark Chronicles

A Reverend's call for help
A demon hunter forced out of retirement
A dangerous dance with evil

After a personal tragedy, Alison Stark retired from demon hunting. She first discovered her powers of expelling demons after a tragic accident. When she promised her family she'd stop hunting, Alison retreated into a quiet life with her dog and best friend—Simon.

Reverend Kyle Ellis has stumbled upon a deadly secret about Wolfpine, North Carolina. There's an infestation of demons, and Kyle turns to a secret "Network" of demon hunters to help him rid the town of its shadowy plague.

When no other hunter responds, Kyle is forced to plead with Alison to help him with a possessed child.

Alison finally agrees, but when she arrives in town, she soon realizes that the infestation is much worse than she expected, and both she and Kyle could pay the price of that discovery with their lives.

Coming in 2022

The Soul Killer