The Making of a Book Cover

I’ve been busy lately trying to play catch up with my book covers. When I sell the pre-made covers, I sell them in bulk, and that means I have to catch up to keep up with my stock. Since the fantasy genre is the biggest seller, I thought I would make a few videos to critique myself and help improve my workflow. I’m sometimes sloppy in my Photoshop work, but the end product is always beautiful. So, since I have the video, I thought I’d post it so I can show authors what designers do when creating a book cover. I haven’t mastered editing videos yet, so the one I’m posting is raw and unedited. It’s 11 minutes long, which isn’t too bad of a time frame. 


Enjoy and I hope you learn about the process of what goes into a book cover. I am working on a customized full paperback cover and when I’m ready, I’ll screen record that.

Here is the finished product, which will be ready for sale within the week on

Like what you see? I have many more covers available for sale on my website.

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