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Again, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged. It’s been a busy time! From the release of The Soul Healer to designing book covers for other authors, and to add the icing on the cake, we didn’t know where Hurricane Dorian would hit. Since I live in Tampa, FL, I was lucky that we only saw some outer band rain.


Below, I will post a link to the American Red Cross to donate to the victims of Hurricane Dorian. As a victim of Hurricane Irma in 2017, I understand the devastation that natural disasters can cause and that’s why some of my profits for my next release will be donated to disaster relief efforts. It’s the least my husband and I could do after what we went through two years ago and we wouldn’t wish that misery on anyone.

Moving on to my current work in progress. House of the Golden Butterfly is still my bestselling book, so I turned it into a series called House of Restless Souls. It’ll be a trilogy of standalone novels taking place in a fictional town called Lingate, North Carolina. House of the Golden Butterfly followed the story of Claire Westcott, a woman down on her luck, who inherited a house from her estranged grandmother. When Claire moves into Kinsey House, she realizes that the ghost of her deceased brother, David, may still haunt the house. When she does, she also discovers the truth to her elusive past. I will post the link below.

The second book will take place three years after Claire Wescott’s horrifying discoveries and focus on Abigail “Abby” Saunders. Abigail recently lost her father to cancer, and she too discovers she has inherited a mysterious and creepy house in Lingate. Abby doesn’t have personal ties to the house except for a reclusive great-aunt she’d never met and died way before she was born. Her father had kept the family secret of what Meredith Saunders was really doing in that house that made her a pariah in her family.


I based the book from research about Georgia Tann. You can watch the video about Georgia Tann at the link below. This woman single-handedly turned adoption on its head between the 1920s and the late 1940s. It’s a fascinating story to research.

What I thought would be a small hobby to supplement my writing has turned into an actual business venture that I’m extremely excited about and very proud of. It’s had its hiccups since I opened my design store this time last year, but that comes with the territory. 


I had predicted romance would be my main pre-design book cover income. I had romance covers ready and waiting for purchase. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Romance hasn’t even matched my sales of Fantasy and the sub-genres. In June, I was having a hard time keeping up with the demand and I had to take two tutorials to better understand the fantasy genre since I write paranormal and horror. It’s awesome because I’m a fan of the fantasy genre and I love designing beautiful covers for indie authors.


Custom covers are also available. I’m designing my 8th Urban Fantasy cover series, and it’s coming out beautiful and the author is thrilled with my work.


I’m designing more horror pre-made covers since Halloween is fast approaching and I want to be prepared for the orders such as those.

You can check out my horror and other genres on my website. Just click on the artwork above.


I’m working on offering more marketing materials for sale. I haven’t gotten sizes just right yet, but it’s getting there. I use myself and my fellow author friend as guinea pigs.


I owe you guys a ton of blogs and have them planned over the next month. Thanks for continuing to follow me. Check out my latest release The Soul Healer on Amazon.com.

 I’ve been reading Ambrose Ibsen’s The Haunting of Beacon hill and it had me hooked from the first page. I’m a slow reader, so I’m not quite finished yet, but when I am, I’m hoping to post a complete review without spoilers.

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