I’m not a fan of WordPress. I never was and I never will be. I was listening to a podcast where the web developer said WordPress is a blogging site that wants to grow up and become more than that, or something. I can’t remember the specific phrases and my allergies (Winter allergies suck, people.) are flaring up so I’m too tired to go find the podcast.

It’s true but there are many advantages and disadvantages to what the developers are talking about.

My graphic design courses require that I learn entry-level development and coding, so I know a little about how coding works on WordPress, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

I work a regular job, I write, and now I design book covers. I want convenience and not have to figure out what code goes where. I don’t have time.

I know. WordPress is easy once you get the hang of it, but it could be even easier with a drag-and-drop feature, matching the themes to the dashboard, and modern, fresh templates. Better coding for sizing images, and more user-friendly features, such as Apps for stores instead of those silly plugins that should go the way of the Dodo because from what I’ve learned from one professor who isn’t a fan of WordPress either, he said, “When you layer each plugin on top of each other, it slows the site down, and when they don’t vet their plugin companies, they risk failure on millions of websites.”

This is the reason I kept Broken Candle Book Designs in Wix. Wix has its issues, but they have more modern features and I feel my work is more protected there.

So, why did I move my author site back to WordPress if I’m complaining about it?

It’s simple. The blogging feature where you can gain a following. When I migrated out of WordPress in 2016, I set up a great blog in Wix, when Wix had a great blog. Then at the end of 2017, they changed it and it turned into a complete mess. I lost all my work, I lost followers, and I lost the ability to allow Facebook comments, etc.

It swept through Wix like the plague, and Wix is still trying to pick up the pieces of its new blogging app and that’s when I said I’ve had enough.

There’s no need for Broken Candle Book Designs to have a blog. I sell book covers. I design book covers, what more needs to be said. Straightforward and no need to blog about it all the time.

I see WordPress has improved by leaps and bounds since I left in 2016, but it still has a long way to go and many more features it needs to clean up to stay competitive. I’ve heard through developers that Squarespace is taking over the web developers world by storm, so who knows what the future of web development holds.

This week, I’ll be cleaning up the rest of this new website and making it official with my domain. I’m happy to come back to WordPress and am happy to blog again. I’ve missed it.

A huge thank you for my followers. I appreciate all of you.

Next, I’m writing an extensive series on book covers.


Make sure you check out my premade book designs at www.brokencandlebookdesigns.com


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